Are You 1 of the 80% of Businesses Who Are Unknowingly Overspending on Benefits? Get a 2nd Opinion Today!

$16,000 in Annual Savings

A Victoria-based seafood wholesaler was happy with their plan, but our 2nd opinion uncovered that they were being overcharged on dental. We fixed this.

Hole in 1

After being with their benefits broker for 20 years, through a second opinion a Cowichan Valley golf course is now saving $1320 a year and are getting better dental and drug coverage.

$650 a Month in Savings

A Nanaimo roofing company wanted to have a better plan then their union. We restructured their plan, freed up $7800 a year and built in a no-cost group RRSP plan, all within the same budget!

We Hear This Everyday: "I'm Happy and I Don't Want to Change."

That's awesome, but are you certain you don't have benefit premium wastage happening? A no-obligation OnPoint review will determine that for you.

Yes! I Want a 2nd Opinion.

Pay For What is Used. Period.

When it comes to paying for benefits you have 2 choices: (A) pay monthly premiums and hope staff use the plan fully, or (B) pay for what is used and never overspend, ever.


Allow Staff to Choose Benefits Without Going Over Your Budget

Since 2008 our clients have contained their costs, removed benefit premium wastage and given staff more choice.

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This is How You End Premium Wastage!

Traditional plans are so 1983. It's time to modernise your strategy!


Business Manager, Automotive

We've been with OnPoint for 6 years and the service has always been great. Whenever I need to get info they are always prompt and explained everything in detail.  With regards to our benefits, they have been excellent, with a capital E!  Super expedient with processing claims and always polite.

Owner, Cable Installations

OnPoint has represented our benefits for 12 years now. The average renewal has been about 6% compared to the 12-15% that most small businesses experience.  With consistently low renewal rates we've been able to offer a group RRSP for our staff and they love it.

Executive Director, Non Profit

As a Non-profit we need every dollar to be stretched. OnPoint has helped us design a creative flexible plan that allows our small staff to get what works best for them. OnPoint has been helping us since 2008.

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As an independent boutique benefits consultancy firm we have you covered for the long term. We represent your interests.

A 2nd Opinion is Easy!

Here's a list of what we'll need from you to conduct a proposal or second opinion analysis.

Do you have an existing plan?

  1. Copy of all recent benefits billing invoices (health, dental, EAP, etc).
  2. Benefits booklet or coverage summary.
  3. Employee datasheet.
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Don't have a plan yet?

  1. Employee Data
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