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Say Goodbye to Premium Wastage

Many businesses are recapturing dollars being allocated and spent on benefits that go unused, you can too!

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Deliver a Better Benefits Experience for Your Whole Team.

Chances are you have employees with benefits they don't want or fully use. It's like leaving the lights on at home when you go to just wouldn't do that, would you? Yet 80% of group plans do this routinely.

Eliminate Costly Trend Ratios Padding The Wallets of Traditional Plans

Imagine finding out you were getting regular gas when you in fact thought you were filling up and paying for premium gasoline. You'd be ticked right? We end hidden costs inside benefit plans that insurance companies have long been enjoying in silence.

"OnPoint has made a huge difference! They immediately found ways to improve our plan without having to switch providers. We're spending less and our employees get exactly the coverage they need. The technology is great to have as well, saves us hours every month."

Operations Manager, Aero Heating

Getting a Second Opinion is EASY

Here's what we'll uncover for you:

  1. Where the premium wastage is happening inside your current plan and how to stop it.
  2. How to prevent unexpected high renewals from happening and contain your costs long term.
  3. Options to improve the coverage and administration within your plan.
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