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The 4 Steps to an Effective Employee Leave Management System

hris Jan 06, 2021

Leave management, it can feel…complicated. The core idea—a defined process that’s consistently used to handle all time-off requests, and to track the time employees are away from work—seems easy enough. But, as every HR professional can attest to, leave management is a process that’s easy in theory, but not necessarily in execution.

The logistical tangles around effectively managing employee away time can create real challenges. Devising effective policies and implementing them can feel like an uphill battle. Leave management requires organization, dedication and understanding, not just from your HR team, but managers and employees as well.

While every organization’s leave management will be designed specific to its needs, there are some core aspects that remain vital to all leave strategies and it’s those essential elements we’ll discuss in this article.

You have a leave management strategy in place, but it’s overly...

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How a Canadian HRIS System Can Streamline Your Leave Management Process

hris Sep 01, 2020

Employees expect that managers or HR are tracking their time off. There are instances when they book time off yet they’re not certain if they have the time available to them. 

An HRIS can help you and your employees keep track of how much time someone has accrued and how much time they’ve used. Many HRIS’ include employee self service modules, which means your employees can keep track of their vacation and leave accruals, as well as monitor how many days off they have left.

Employees who can easily access their leave information through a self-service platform tend to be more mindful of their time off requests. Self-service also makes it easy for employees to see how much time is available to them (meaning managers and HR are not bombarded with questions about leave).

Automate How You Track Employee Leaves Offer More Effective Scheduling

One major challenge—particularly when dealing with vacation requests—is that many employees will request the...

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Three Employee Leave Challenges Impacting Your Company

hris leave management Jul 07, 2020


Leave management, it can feel…complicated! Here are the top 3 challenges facing businesses today and how to get out in front of them.

Challenge 1: Effectively Tracking Employee Leave

The first challenge in leave management is effectively tracking leave requests.

The Solution: Businesses must know and understand the rules around leave, including:

  • Being aware that employee vacations accrue differently in different companies and vary across provinces.
  • Many companies have different policies about sick days, short-term disability leave, and long-term disability leave.
  • Have a plan to manage internal policies and external law set by the government.

Challenge 2: Effectively Tracking Employee Leave While Avoiding Payroll Errors

Leave management requires effective tracking and a dynamic payroll system. Some leaves are paid; some aren’t. Depending on your policies, you may even offer your employees both paid and unpaid leave within the same category.

For example, you...

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