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Three Employee Leave Challenges Impacting Your Company

hris leave management Jul 07, 2020


Leave management, it can feel…complicated! Here are the top 3 challenges facing businesses today and how to get out in front of them.

Challenge 1: Effectively Tracking Employee Leave

The first challenge in leave management is effectively tracking leave requests.

The Solution: Businesses must know and understand the rules around leave, including:

  • Being aware that employee vacations accrue differently in different companies and vary across provinces.
  • Many companies have different policies about sick days, short-term disability leave, and long-term disability leave.
  • Have a plan to manage internal policies and external law set by the government.

Challenge 2: Effectively Tracking Employee Leave While Avoiding Payroll Errors

Leave management requires effective tracking and a dynamic payroll system. Some leaves are paid; some aren’t. Depending on your policies, you may even offer your employees both paid and unpaid leave within the same category.

For example, you...

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