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We make it easier than ever to collect feedback, spark conversations and evaluate performance across your company, all year round.

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Run any type of review

Easily run 360° manager, peer, and employee-self reviews. You control the questions, participants and timelines.

Create custom surveys

Create your own reusable sets of questions for manager, peer and self-reviews.

Expert templates

Save time by using our pre-built question sets, crafted by HR experts.

Chose who reviews who

Assign employees from any team to review their peers.

Easily launch reviews

Automatically send launch emails to reviewers and reviewees inviting them to begin the review process.

Track review completion

See where each employee stands in their respective review process with at-a-glance dashboards.

Automate reminders and alerts

Collage automatically sends timely reminder emails to employees who haven’t completed their reviews.

Set custom access rules

Protect sensitive review results with custom access rules for managers and admins.

View past and present results

Employees and managers can see past reviews, follow-up on discussions and track progress over time.

Reviews that do all the work for you

Save time and headaches with review automation that takes the workload off your hands. Simply select questions and participants, then click launch. We’ll send reminders, collect responses, and notify you when reviews are complete so you can get on with your day.

Quality feedback from all the right places

360-degree reviews enrich the quality of your assessments by gathering feedback from the managers and peers your employees interact with the most.

Drive continuous improvement with Check-ins

Frequent check-ins help managers remove roadblocks and give in-the-moment coaching to their direct reports. Collage makes it easy to run continuous feedback cycles in between reviews.

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