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Put Your Benefits and Pension Plans on Autopilot.
Benefits management is complex enough—your technology doesn’t have to be. OnPoint's online benefits solution cuts down on manual processes and automates tasks that would otherwise take days. Enrol an employee, remove them from a plan or modify their coverage, all online and instantly synced with your carriers, HR, and payroll. Multi-carrier enrolment becomes a breeze.

Employee Records

Centralized employee data, accessible from anywhere.

Store all of your employee records in an online platform that syncs with your payroll and benefits providers. Collage makes it easy to maintain the employee data you need while eliminating tedious double-entry.

Time Off Management

Spend way less time tracking employee leave. Employees make requests, managers approve them, and Collage tracks accruals and balances so you don’t have to. Do it all from our mobile-friendly platform that syncs with your calendar and payroll.

The Average Business Wastes Countless Hours Managing Their People With Spreadsheets

Be better than average.

Customers who use OnPoint HR to manage their employee data save time, save money, look more professional and deliver a superior employment experience to their team.

Digital Onboarding

First days are too important to spend scrambling for paperwork or rushing through introductions. Collage helps you collect and share the info you need before a new hire’s start date so every first day can be a great one.

Recruit and Hire Like a Pro

Running an interview process can get really messy, really fast. Collage’s Applicant Tracking System helps you attract more applicants, stay organized and consistently make great hires.

Turn Employee Records Into Actionable Insights

Spend your time acting on data, not pulling it all together. Collage lets you easily visualize key HR, payroll, and benefits reports and share them with executives and stakeholders in just one click.

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Let our experts manage your payroll so you can focus on running your business.

OnPoint HR becomes your Payroll Department.

We'll handle data sync, processing, and remittance.

Your employees are paid accurately and on time

Performance Management

We make it easier than ever to collect feedback, spark conversations and evaluate performance across your company, all year round.

Bank-level Security

Keep your data safe at all times with industry-standard encryption and secure file sharing.

Canadian Compliance

OnPoint HR comes pre-set for Canadian employment standards. Collect SIN, work visas, and federal and provincial tax information with ease.

Live HR Support

HR is complex and always changing. We’ll help you get it right. Get personal support from our HR experts via phone, email, or live chat.

Eliminate Costly Errors & Aggravation! 

This will be the end of late applicants for good! Collect e-signatures, get late enrolment alerts and download eligibility reports in one place. Plus, get help to navigate plan changes and termination from our team of benefits administration experts.

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